19 Sep 2018
Selection of Teams and Code of Conduct

Following on from the successful Rugby forum at the start of term, we just wanted to add some information on how we select our teams and develop 'Sports for All' at the OPS across both the Boys and Girls Games department.

Selection of Teams and Sport for All

We adhere to the IAPS and England Rugby Code of Practice and for coaches, match officials, pupils, parents and many governing bodies also outline expectations for players and spectators https://iaps.uk/assets/downloads/sportcodeofpractice.pdf


Selection Policy

Our selection policy is by ability. The level of a pupil’s ability is assessed as on-going process throughout the term. It is not feasible to expect that every pupil or parent will be wholly satisfied with team selection. Many aspects are considered when selecting teams including ability, suitability of opposition, safety, team dynamic and morale. Ultimately it is the teachers and coaches opinion and decision. Prep school sport is streamed and is not mixed ability. The aim is that pupils of certain ability will play against similarly able pupils at other schools and therefore play in a game that is most suitable for their ability. We can’t play our best players in our lower ability teams as this is not the right thing to do and other schools expect us to pick teams accordingly. If a pupil is moved down a team it is due to a pupil performing well in a lower team and/or is dependent on how many players are in that team. (Sometimes it may vary from 5-a-side or 7-a-side). A pupil’s attitude and behaviour is also considered. We realise pupils are sometimes very disappointed with certain selections but it is hoped they will show the correct attitude and determination. If the pupils are disappointed with their selection, we encourage them to speak to their coaches and find out where they can improve. Ultimately we our pupils to play and enjoy themselves, no matter what team they represent.

Sport for All

All Prep school pupils will have the opportunity to represent The OPS during school matches. It is not guaranteed that all pupils will play in match every week as there are sometimes other factors beyond our control. When not in a match pupils will always be participating in sport. On occasions some schools will not have as many pupils as in a particular year group so will not be able to field as many teams. Various factors are considered when selecting teams. Pupils will move teams throughout the term if in the teacher’s opinion it will benefit a team or an individual. Where possible we will try and field as many teams as possible and use as many pupils as possible. Other factors to consider are; Quality of opposition – will it be a competitive match, the number of pupils at another school, pupils safety, are pupils playing at the correct level for their ability, and the number of pupils in the year group. If pupils are not able to play on a match day (Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday) please seek permission from the headmaster and inform the relevant member of staff with as much notice as possible. When there is a clash between a school fixture and a club fixture, the school fixture should take priority. The Director of Sport fully supports pupils playing outside of school so fully understand that sometimes there will be clashes.

Parental Involvement

We fully appreciate the support from our parents, however all match officials decisions must be respected. Any official’s decisions or pupils mistakes must not be highlighted by adults on the touchline. Enthusiastic encouragement, support and applause are always welcome.

Spectators (Extract from the IAPS Sport Code of Practice)

Spectators should remember the following:-

Children play organised sport for their own fun. They are not there solely to entertain you and they are not miniature adults nor professional sportsmen and women.

Do not harass or disrespect the players, coaches or officials.

Applaud good play by both sides and show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them there would be no game.

Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a competitive match of any kind.

Respect the decisions made by officials.

Encourage players always to play to the rules.

Relax and enjoy the game whether your team wins or not.

Remember that young people learn by example so make sure that yours is the right one!

Link: https://iaps.uk/assets/downloads/sportcodeofpractice.pdf